Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beckoners by Carrie Mac

The Beckoners
Carrie Mac
Orca Book Publishers

"You've got your slacks, your punks, pushers, users, Goths, slags, geeks, hippies, rejects and other garden variety misfits--the ones that smoke at least." These are the words Simon uses to describe his classmates as he introduces Zoe to the world of Abbotsville. He fails to tell her about the secrets of the Beckoners, an exclusive clique. Zoe is in too deep as a member of the group before she realizes the violent and evil motives of the Beckoners.

When Zoe drops out of the Beckoners, they become angry and vengeful. They are not just an ordinary clique concerned with fashion and popularity. They are a dangerous and violent group of girls who terrorize their fellow students.

Carrie Mac writes creates strong characters. Zoe is the new girl in school who must discover the importance of real friends over popularity. Simon and Teo are a loving couple who become Zoe's good friends. Then there's "Dog" or April. She is the primary target of the Beckoners. She has the strength and courage to withstand the Beckoners brutality.